News: New webserver - speed, speed speeeeed! (2015-10-19)

Some of the people who played trAInsported way back in 2013 might remember server downtimes. This was because the server... (read on)

About the game

TrAInsported is a game about trains, Artificial Intelligence and lots and lots of passengers.
Could not load thumbnail It's the near future, and trains are controlled by AI. It's your job to write the best AI on the market. Manage your trains in short rounds and make sure you transport more passengers than any other company.

As you go through the game, your AI will improve. Once through the tutorial and challenge maps (or anytime you think your AI is ready), you can upload the AI through this site and watch it compete in live online matches against other players' AIs!
The server will stage live matches multiple times an hour. AIs will be chosen at random; the lower the number of matches which the AI has already competed in, the more likely it will be to compete in the next match.
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Go to the Download page to get started!
Download the game to watch the match!

Last match ended 3 min and 8 seconds ago:

solAIr_rc3.1 (solAIr): 36 passengers (+3 points)
mAI-2.6 (marek): 31 passengers (+2 points)
Light_Cyan (substitute541): 13 passengers (+1 points)
roteBahnv2 (redcrusade): 0 passengers (+0 points)


AI Name Owner Matches Points P/M Wins
AI_Rechenknecht_V2 entity 16289 47286 2.903 14414
Marvin2 sualk 16589 47837 2.884 14260
czAI20 cza 16791 48294 2.876 14353
WinKI_v2 domin 16504 47400 2.872 14048
ScottAI_0.3 Scotty 6641 18998 2.861 5626
R-3 Automate 11892 34013 2.86 9981
Adler Steffel 3458 9826 2.842 2885
solAIr_rc3.1 solAIr 16410 45892 2.797 12771
Molly raboffel 9998 27779 2.778 7627
czAI13 cza 16565 46008 2.777 12551

Also see: Full score list. | Recent uploads.
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